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Amy Sullivan Weishaar

My story? I have always been a student of the arts. I was three years old before I could talk and our family doctor said it was because my four older siblings did my talking for me. Consequently, I would sit quietly on my own, observing the colors around me and expressing my thoughts non-verbally with crayons and paper. When the other children were running around and playing, it felt only natural for me to wander the halls of local museums with my parents. I guess my brain never worked like the other kids in school. Reading was difficult and pronunciation was even harder. Math came easily to me but I loved art class more where I knew my work would always be guaranteed an A. I enjoyed it so much that I would even offer to finish my friends' projects. When it came time to declare a major at The Ohio State University, I was torn between liberal arts and fashion design. It was the 1980's, a decade of fashion and money, so the fashion design major won out. My first jobs were in that field and included storefront displays and jewelry design for The Limited and Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie.  After college, I was lucky to marry my best friend and the love of my life. Together we were granted God's greatest blessings, three beautiful children. With our three children came many more art projects! When volunteers were needed, I naturally always offered to help in the art class or paint murals in the school hallways. As the children and I got older, I found a new way to express my artistic ability by painting murals or faux finishing for friends and family. I was in my 40's when I studied oil painting with Gordon C . James for 3 years.  When my friend Carole saw my oil paintings, she encouraged me to sell my art in her beautiful store. By the grace of God, my art is now hanging in homes and offices from coast to coast and even internationally in the UK. I am truly blessed to have so many people supporting me. encouraging me and selling my art. I am thankful that for my God given talent that developed from a shy little girl's crayons and paper can now bring joy to others.